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Virtus Daily of #82 – Use your imagination

“My success is owed more to my imagination than facts” // Thomas Edison

If one of the greatest inventors of all time can forgo a regimented thought process for that of his imagination then we should be able to tap into the far corners of our consciousness (and subconscious) to toy with ideas and suggestions which may not be within our normal realm of thought process.

Being able to think outside the box so to speak not only challenges our regular patterns of thinking, it also permits us to look at the world through a different lense. One which offers a new set of perspectives and solutions to our problems, whilst stimulating an idea flow contrary to the structured framework in which we may currently reside.

The way we currently deal with reality is completely due to our conditioning to do so. We have the ability to change direction and create a new normal, one in which our imagination can run wild and help us create a wonderful life worth living.

Change the way you think. Look for change in comfort, and enjoy a whole new outlook.


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