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Virtus daily blog #95 – Its all made up

‘Relax, your battle with the world is a fiction in your head’

Everything we do, from the time we wake up, to the path we take to work, to the job we have and the rules we follow along the way, it’s all made up.

Our collective fiction of the universe and our societies within it. Everything is merely our perception of how it should be.

If this is the case, and I’m not completely full of shit (there’s a good chance I am) then it doesn’t pay to play small, and to hide under a rock, waiting for life to pass us by.

It pays to take ourselves, and everyone else a little less seriously, to take risks, to chase the things that set our soul on fire, to tell those around us we love them and to do our best to be our best.

Those who believe they can make a dent in the universe usually do. That can’t be some kind of happy accident.


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