Casual gym goer realises that ignorance truly is bliss.


28-year-old Mornington Peninsula resident Andrew signed up to a local 24hr gym for $13.95 a week 12 months ago. And although he has only been a handful of times, to sit on the machines and go through the motions, he is still stoked with his purchase.

‘It’s great, I can give my goals the lip service they need, without having to stay accountable to actually doing anything’ Andrew says as he finishes his 10th session in 12 months.

This story, and many like it, are all too common.

The best version of Andrew is there, somewhere, hiding under a pile of false starts and failed commitments. What he wants is to improve. What he needs is to show up, daily.

Andrew needs to learn to love the process. He needs to find an environment where he can trust and express a willingness to not let himself off the hook. To immerse himself in a community of contributors and people getting after it.

After all, if you run with the lame. You’ll develop a limp.

Cheaper is not better, convenience is not better, more is not better.

Better is better.

Make sure you’re moving the needle.

And if you’re not invested in your results, I’m sure you can join Andrew for his 11th session next month.