Five Mistakes People Make When Training

Broadly speaking, most people go to the gym for two main reasons: health or performance. Going to the gym and following a training program is an important choice that positively impacts your life. 


Some people think that it is just about showing up and lifting the weight. Sure it’s part of it, but the training and physical conditioning is preceded by our nutrition and mindset with which you arrive at the gym.

So, avoid these mistakes and make your time in the gym more effective:

  1. Not eating anything before training: No matter when you workout, your stomach doesn’t have to be empty. If you feel bloated when you eat before training, try eating a piece of fruit yogurt or smoothie instead.

  2. Start without warming up: Spend a minimum 10-15 minutes to prepare yourself for training. It’s the time you need to get in the right state before increasing the intensity. Include some corrective exercises, dynamic stretching and activations to prevent injuries, improve posture and get your nervous system firing. 


  3. Always doing the same thing: Variation is key. If you are doing the same thing day in and day out, you will quickly either get bored or your results will plateau. Add some variation in your training to add different stimulus, challenge yourself and keep it exciting.  

  4. Going too heavy: Many athletes arrive at the gym pumped and ready to lift the heaviest weights possible. However, if you jump in before you are ready, you increase the risk of injury. You must follow the correct progressions and build up to a weight that you can lift safely. 

  5. Not allowing proper recovery time: When you train, especially with heavy strength training, your experience muscular and neurological fatigue. Thus, you must give yourself adequate time to rest and recover. Focus on eating well, hydrating, catching some vitamin D by going for a walk outside, do some yoga or just breathe. The point is, give yourself some space and chill out to get back to 100%.