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From the Couch to 1km

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What’s it been, 6 weeks of isolation? 8 weeks? Who knows! 

But it does seem like it’s the time where everyone is jumping into some running…


Gone are the days of just going for a long, slow-distance run to improve aerobic performance. It is also very common for people to break down quickly following this method.


Generally speaking, for many, overcoming the first kilometre is the hardest. There is an abundance of couch to 5km programs available on the internet but very few that focus on the first kilometre.


Introducing the couch to 1km program.

The couch to 1km program expects that you aren’t currently running. You would most likely finish this program running 1km in 5 to 7 minutes. 


Follow the link below to the full article and program on OTP books co-authored by Virtus Physiotherapist, Greg Dea and Head Coach, Mitch Rowe.