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Virtus Daily Blog #55 – Health is Wealth

Health is wealth… And wealth without health is meaningless.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world. Our daily struggles are often limited to what we should eat, rather than when or whether we will eat or not.

We have an abundance of resources around us that we can choose to utilise. Or choose not to.

When presented with a challenge or misfortune, it is often easy to think about how hard done by we are. We take for granted things that we have been born into. The things that we really should be immensely grateful for.

Yet, health is something that we should not take for granted. It can be gained as easily as it can be taken away.

By investing in our health, we are giving ourselves permission. Permission to live to our full potential.

Sometimes it simply requires a shift in our perspective.

A shift toward appreciation and gratitude for how rich you truly are.

Take the time today to go for a walk, commit to a training session, prepare your meals or attend that yoga session you’ve been telling yourself you’d go to.

Investments in your health will always pay you back, with interest.

Simon Cooper