Tell us a little bit (a lot) about yourself:
My name is Jasmine, but I tend to go by Jas (and any variation of spelling is fine) and I have just completed my first year of a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Sport Management at Deakin. Growing up I played 10 years of soccer, both indoor and outdoor, played tennis for about 5 years and dabbled a little bit in dance and gymnastics, which I wasn’t particularly good at. In the last year I have started to train more in a gym environment and absolutely love it! I like to push myself and try and beat my PBs at any chance I get.

Why did you choose to spend 12 weeks with the Virtus family?
University drowns students in placement and other work opportunities ads and after looking at a few of the many listed, Virtus struck out for me. Most of the other placements where with an amateur sporting team or a regular gym, however Virtus to me seemed to be a hybrid of the two plus more performance-based training. Despite the drive, I chose to spend 12 here as I felt it would be the best place for me to go in order to try and link what I learn at university with what I’m passionate about which is sports and training.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
This is the big question. I’m not 100% which path I would like to take but I am currently leaning more towards the strength and conditioning side of the sport science route. Like a lot of people studying my degree, the end goal would be to in elite/professional sports and for me in particular, working with female athletes such as AFLW or W-League soccer.

What motivates you?
The idea of being better and improving is what motivates me. You are your own biggest competition and beating myself in different areas of life is a big motivator.

What are your strengths as a person and a coach?
I believe myself to be a sociable and talkative person, so as a coach, I would hope that those I am coaching would feel comfortable enough to come up to me for a casual chat every now and again, whether it be work-related or not.

What are your biggest stretches as a person and a coach?
A slightly more negative trait of mine is I may not always be not always be the most patient of people and try to rush things. I am trying to work on it as I know the improvement is often slow and results can take a while to arise.

Book –
The Book of Ivy
Movie –
Notting Hill
TV Show –
How to get away with Murder
Hobby –
Gym sesh
Exercise –
Quote –
“To win big, you have to take some big risks”. -Bill Gates