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Tell us a little bit (a lot) about yourself:

My name is Seth, I’m 21 and currently in my 3rd year of an exercise and sport science degree at Deakin. I’ve played soccer most of my life and currently do weight/ strength training. I support Manchester City in the Premier league and love to play video games. I like to follow many different sports like AFL, NBA, and Formula 1 as well. I currently work in a warehouse doing lots of random tasks but looking to pursue a career in sport and exercise.

Why did you choose to spend 12 weeks with the Virtus family?
Experienced personnel and great facility to learn and gain experience with many different demographics. Broaden my knowledge in programming and improve my coaching skills specifically communication. Within an environment that I’m interested in which is S&C.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Maybe a Physiotherapist or S&C coach but still undecided.

What motivates you?
Sport and exercise have been a big part of my life and is something I’m very interested in and therefore want to make a career out of. I enjoy learning and gaining knowledge and skills in all areas of life. I want to make the people around me proud.

What are your strengths as a person and a coach?
Attentive and always willing to learn. Adaptable to different situations. I do strength training myself and therefore have performed and experienced many of the exercises performed in the gym which I feel transfers well to coaching.

What are your biggest stretches as a person and a coach?
When I met new people or need to introduce myself. Tend to be awkward and anxious. Typically, when ‘breaking the ice’ but is something I’m trying to improve. Overthink or stress about a lot of decisions I make and random little things that probably don’t need to be stressed over.

Book – Guinness World Records
Movie – Blade runner 2049
TV Show – The Boys, Peaky Blinders
Hobby – PlayStation
Exercise – Strength training, soccer
Quote – Just be less shit

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