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Tell us a little bit (a lot) about yourself!
I’m 24 from Melbourne, and I’m currently studying the Master of Applied Sport Science at Deakin University. Prior to COVID, in another life I worked in project management and construction, and I absolutely hated it. I currently work with a sports physio as a trainer for a community footy club, and most recently started at MSAC in Albert Park as a programs officer. I have an 8yr old pooch named Bonnie, barrack for the Brisbane Lions, and outside of any vocational goals, I would like to climb the Seven Summits before I’m 30 (I’m 2/7 right now)!

Why did you choose to spend 12 weeks with the Virtus family?
It seemed like a really down-to-earth, wholesome organisation that cares about its clientele, so I felt it was the right place to go to get the hands-on experience coaching and programming athletes, which I haven’t done much of yet.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Director of rehabilitation or performance for a professional sports team or organisation.

What motivates you?
Genuine enjoyment in working/discussing all things sport, exercise, and the human body, combined with previously working in another industry I was unhappy in.

What are your strengths as a person and a coach?
I think I’m a good listener, and pretty personable/have an ability to connect with people quickly. I also love learning and ask a lot of damn questions.

What are your biggest stretches as a person and a coach?
I can be too hard on myself, and the tendency to overextend.

Book – Contest, by Matthew Reilly
Movie – Creed
TV Show – The Boys
Hobby – Guitar
Exercise – Basketball & Strength Training
Quote – “You’ll know when you know”

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