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Virtus Daily blog #81 – How do you enter a room?

We have all heard the expression, you only make one first impression.

I disagree.

I believe that we have the opportunity to make countless first impressions over and over again.

When we enter a room, our first task should be to greet everyone we encounter (again) for the first time.

We have two options.

Option A: You can stroll in, acknowledge the people you see, ignore the people you don’t, and go about your business.

Option B: Greet everyone like they are a long lost friend, make everyone feel loved and appreciated. Engage in meaningful conversation with those who want it and connect with others on a different level. Create an interaction that will fuel you and those around you for the rest of the day.

Option A is most common. Option B is most valuable.

You choose.

I’ve been average in this area lately. I’ll have a focus on recreating this habit this week.


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