Lockdown extended, let’s make the most of it.


Happy Thursday you wonderful people,

Aaaaaaand we’re back in lockdown for an extra week.

Although this was not the news we were all hoping for, there is little utility in deliberating on what we are unable to do. So we shift our focus to that which is within our control over the next 7 days.

To our VGT & VAD Athletes, we will continue to provide you with sessions to do at home. This is an opportunity to lean into your training or lean into some TLC. Take a moment to assess how you’re feeling, and what it is you might need right now.

To everyone, this is an opportunity to tip into your health and wellbeing. To carve out the space to look after the basics that tend to fall by the wayside when life is ticking over at 100km/hr.

Tick the boxes. Enjoy the little wins. The simple things will help you get through the next week.

✔️Move daily


✔️Set your routines

✔️Adhere to your bedtime‍

✔️Stay connected

✔️Eat good food

✔️Be kind to yourselves


✔️ Support local business

& please reach out if you need anything. We got this, together.

To help you all navigate the next week of lockdown before we return to (hopefully) business as usual. We have made some resources available for you all. Hit the links below to get amongst the good stuff.

We all know the drill. We’ve done this before.

Look after your mates, keep checking in with one another, get outside for fresh air when you can, hydrate, move, eat well, smile, don’t be tough on yourself and always choose kindness.

If you need anything, you know where to find us.

Lachie & team Virtus

P.S Here’s a photo of Tyler chucking the double thumbs up because that’s the vibe we all need right now.