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Virtus daily blog #86 – Laughter

I’m currently reading the book ‘How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson: The business of winning and managing succees’ by Professor Damian Hughes.

Among many life lessons and ideas to hack success, one paragraph has stood out more than most.

“Did you know that, on average, a child laughs 400 times a day? In contrast, an adult will only laugh about fifteen times”

We, as adults, have become so entrenched in the responsibility driven, pressure laden way of living that we have all but forgotten how to enjoy ourselves on a daily basis. We have lost the carefree attitudes of enjoyment and fun that we once had as children.

We must, as leaders and as a society learn how to bring fun back into our lives. To encourage play and excitement as much as we encourage consistency and results.

If we don’t, we lose the very essence that we are working so hard for.


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