Never Miss a Monday 10/8


Welcome to the final week of the COVID Games! 

Bravo to everyone who has participated. It has been a really fun challenge and has certainly helped me stay accountable to doing things for my own health and wellbeing.

Firstly, a big thank you to Steph Nguyen for facilitating the Sunday Bake Off yesterday. We made a delicious brownie that I ate way too quickly and gave myself a tummy ache. Something about too much of a good thing..? Great work to everyone who joined us. Steph, we appreciate you lots.

On the score front. Team Mitch is still in the lead after a consistent week. Team Wallace is snapping at his heels, with Team Jas not far behind. Team Coop is bringing up the rear, but I have a feeling they’re not out of the count. #CinderellaStory

This week, we have yours truly running my workshop. the Power of Change. I’ll be leading you through some strategies on resilience, mindfulness and how to shift your perspective on change. This is free for members, $20 for non-members.

Buy your tickets here.

We also have double points this week for staying hydrated and drinking 3L of water.
Good Luck!

Episode 2 of the Virtus Podcast is now live. ️

This one touches on self leadership. It is something that Lachie and I both care about, so we had fun riffing on this.

Here’s the link to listen on iTunes and Podbean

If you’d rather watch it, check it out on YouTube.

Virtus Masks are still available. There’s only a few left… Order on the Virtus website, you can get 1 for $10 or 2 for $15. #TreatYourself

Finally, we’ve put together a survey for the Virtus Family to get some feedback on the COVID Games and some insights into what we can do next.

Whether you are a current member or not, we want to continue supporting you all over the next 4-5 weeks of Lockdown 2.0 (and beyond). So we want your help to inform us of how we can best do that.

Here is the survey link.

Please fill it out and give us some feedback.

I know it’s been a tough week for many. So if you need a chat, a hand with accountability or, help with any of your big rocks (sleep, nutrition, hydration, stress management) please reply to this email.
Look after your mates, keep checking in with one another, get outside for fresh air when you can, hydrate, move, eat well, smile, don’t be tough on yourself and always choose kindness.

Proud of you all. Keep doing good things.