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Quarantine Client of the Week 18/05


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And this week’s winner is…. Jordan Verdouw

First of all, congratulations, bravo, any words for the camera?

Unbelievable. Very sneaky link. Humbling, thank you my friends. Grateful for good people in my world. People are grouse. And did you see the night sky over the weekend? Wild.

What does your ‘new normal’ training schedule look like?

5PM rather than 6AM VGTs because late night life and 6AM at home = bed. Backyard training under early Autumn skies and a pretty lovely gum tree have shifted to inside a reorganised garage on some carpet. A little squishy and minimal jumping, but pretty handy space. Enjoying seeing regular faces, while missing other legends and all the good people’s energy. And more running apparently!

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What advice would you have for anyone struggling to find their training groove?

A reminder that for most of us with able bodies, we have more control over our movements, habits and choices than perhaps we think. We can direct where and how we exert our energy. It’s fun to surprise ourselves with just trying a thing or turning up the first time, and then again.

Any extra comments/jokes/memes or quotes?

It’ll be pretty dandy sharing time and space within the Virtus walls again. Grateful for good people and shared rhythms. Take care of yourselves legends ????????