Want to Reduce Your 3km Time in Weeks?

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Do you?

As the restrictions for the COVID-19 situation start to ease, local, state and national sport is slowly returning to training. Has your coach said you have a time trial coming up? First night back maybe? Thinking of an excuse to get out of it? Well, i’m telling you, you don’t have to. Introducing the 3-speed approach to a faster running performance.

It has been proven that double digit speed improvements in trained runners can be seen by using a 3-speed running program. In untrained runners, the potential for improvement is even bigger.

The Phys, Greg Dea and I wrote a simple and clear step-by-step guide from getting from the couch to 1km. This is a progression from that. Once you’ve achieved that 1km milestone, this 3-speed method can be used to get to the 3 to 5km mark.

To access the full article and the 3-speed running program written by Greg Dea and I, hit the following link: The 3-Speed Approach To Faster Running and Better Health.

Haaaaave fun!