Snap Lockdown Update

Here we are again.

On the edge of another temporary lockdown. From 11:59pm tonight (Friday) to 11:59pm Wednesday, we will be in a stage 4 lockdown. This means that the gym will be closed once again.

As frustrating as this may be, it’s not all bad.

I know some of you may feel a little anxious when you think back to last year’s shut down. The good news is that we’ve all done it before.

For the Virtus Family, it’s an opportunity to pause, take a breath and look after ourselves for a few days. We get to revisit some of those positive habits that we established during 2020, to fill our cups and to put our energy into the things that we can control.

For all Virtus members
One of the Virtus coaches will be in touch with you over the next 24 hours. They will be able to answer any general questions that you have.

We will continue to deliver a remarkable coaching and education experience to you all.

We will be posting training sessions on Train Heroic that you will have access to. They can be done with or without equipment.

For everyone
If you need some online training, accountability, support or coaching, let us know! We can jump on a call or have a chat about how we can help.

If you decide you’d like to take a few days off training, go you! There’s still plenty that you can do to tip into your health and wellbeing. Some ideas are:

If there’s anything that you’re stuck on, want some extra support or have any questions regarding your membership, please reach out to me. My number is 0478802989, or reply to this email.

Our door is always (figuratively for a few days) open.


Much love,
Coop and Team Virtus.