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Virtus Daily Blog #58 – Start now, not later

And before you know it, 5 years has passed and you’re still stuck at point A. You have always known what point B is, but you keep making excuses to get there. We get stuck, hesitate and start to think about the time, money, effort and experiences it involves. Let’s make that dream become a reality. The longer you leave your point B as a dream, the harder it will be to achieve later down the track.

Some classic examples I have heard plenty of times before are mentioned below. One of these sentences might even relate to you ↓ 

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Example 1) “I should probably start eating better, because I am eating like crap and gaining health issues”

Example 2) “I need to start up at the gym, so I can become fitter, healthier and stronger”

Example 3) “I want to get a new job, because I hate what I do and get no satisfaction anymore”

The thing that these examples have in common is willingness and motivation.

The longer you leave your goal/intention/idea, the harder it will be to achieve as you get more comfortable in the environment you are in.

If you put in no effort, have little intention and a lack of motivation towards your point B, then you’re not going to get there. It’s that simple.

If you really want to get into the gym and start seeing results because you are overweight, and need further help- the best time to start is now. The later you start, the likelihood of chronic disease increases.

If you really want a change from your job, or if you despise the people you work with- then change now. The longer you wait for something to happen, the longer you stay unhappy on where you are.

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In reference to Example 2
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This gives you some perspective and you get a big reality check (like mentioning chronic disease and unhappiness).

Work out what your goal/intention/idea is, and go from there. Before time flies too quickly. Once you take the first step, things will fall into place from there. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to get anywhere near your goal/intention/idea.

Stop making excuses. Invest in yourself. Keep your mind focused. Use your allies. Look for good in every outcome. Manage your resources.

Don’t leave it or push it aside because it will only get harder.