The Marathon for Mental Health


Introducing the Marathon For Mental Health

On Friday, four days from now, Simon and I will be setting off on a little adventure.

We have decided, as you do, to run a marathon with a twist.

The plan looks like this: Two blokes, 10 Coffee Shops, 42km and a probably a whole lot of chafe.

Why would we do such a thing?

Part of it is living up to the mantra of doing hard things, part of it is the excitement of doing something different but the main reason is to reignite and support the conversation around mental health, and highlight how tough we are all doing it at the moment.

Mental Health is one of the most important things we can talk about as a society. It’s something we as a business have worked hard to champion over the last few years. But after a couple of conversations over the last few weeks, we believe that this important issue has been overshadowed (understandably so) by everything that has been happening over the past few months.

So we are setting out, to complete this challenge to change that. This is a challenge, set by us, to be completed by us, which is designed to bring the conversation back into the forefront of our minds. To forget about the corona for a couple of days, and focus on the good that we can do as individuals and the great that we can do as a community.

Our Three Pillars at Virtus are Community | Performance | Education and we have structured this challenge around all three.

Community: With many small businesses, owners, staff members and customers doing it tough, we will be using the 42km run, to visit 10 local coffee shops along the way. To check-in, have a coffee and celebrate their tenacity.

Performance: Virtus exists to help everyday humans improve their performance, and although it’s certainly not our chosen event, running 42km is certainly a way to show that with the right intention and perseverance we can utilise our physical and mental capacities to complete this run.

Education: It has come leaps and bounds over the past few years, but we still have a ways to go to learn more about anxiety, depression and mental health. We will use this run to interview a couple of wonderful humans and share some understanding around these issues.

We understand that many of you aren’t in the financial position to contribute, so if you could share the link & posts that would be incredible!

We will be videoing portions of our run, and interviewing some legends along the way, so once we figure out how to use iMovie you can expect a hopefully not too below-average video production with incredible content.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, You can Donate to Beyond Blue via our link Here!

Stay tuned for the route, and for the maddogs we are interviewing along the way!

Thanks for reading, give the video a watch and pray for us.

Lachie & Coop