The Red Pill or The Blue Pill, It’s your choice…

The world seems to be split into two camps. Two types of people.

On one side, you have the people who seek out discomfort, who crave improvement. Those who want to create a better world, for themselves and then for those around them. The people who will stop at nothing, who will encounter roadblock after roadblock and continue moving forward. The people that we love to look up to, to admire, and attempt to emulate.

On the other, you have individuals who have accepted mediocrity, who have let the flame extinguish. The part of them who once dreamed of a magnificent existence, those who gave up early because it’s hard being uncomfortable, or maybe life happened. At one time or another, they decided to surrender their responsibilities to others. Whatever the reason, we all have them.

“You see in this world, there’s one awful thing, and that is that everyone has his reasons” Abraham Maslow

The only difference between these two groups are the choices they decide to make. There is no secret sauce, there is no magical motivational tool. There is only a choice: to act, or not to act.

Joining the first group is easy, all you need to do is to want for a better future, and take the first step towards making it a reality. Staying in the group is the hard part, maintaining the discipline and consistency, but if your reason for joining is strong enough, you’ll never want to leave.

If you choose to change groups, you can trade memberships at any time, it doesn’t cost any money, but it sure as hell isn’t free.

I know which group I want to be a part of.