There is Never a Right Time – Clare Power

I recently got my training mojo back, and I was enjoying the process and showing up.

There was a voice in my head that kept saying “not much point as you’re having surgery soon and will have to stop and then start all over again”

But I didn’t, I kept going because I was enjoying the benefits – my mindset shifted to “let’s go into surgery as fit and strong as I can be right now”.


Now life throws interruptions our way constantly and we can find ourselves in a frustrating stop-start cycle – especially when it comes to lifestyle improvements: diet, exercise, reducing alcohol intake, getting more sleep, stopping smoking etc.

The holiday season is a prime example of a time when we can choose to put it off and wait until the New Year.


Now here is how it can play out:

 Choose NOT to start


No ACTION is taken


Old habits continue (AND some as we “go for it” before we apply anticipated restrictions)


 You feel the negative effects compounding


Reconsider taking action


Does it feel like the mountain got a little higher?


It is now easier to find ANOTHER reason to stall action once again


This is what is called choosing the path of least resistance – it will only take you further away from your goals.


We all know the phrase “There is never a right time”.


Choosing the harder path – the one that presents resistance doesn’t have to be a sprint – it can look like a 1% improvement every day – 1% is better than none.

1% adds up and take you towards your goals.


The best part of choosing this path and taking ACTION is that it will bring REWARD.

Taking action and experiencing reward breeds MOTIVATION and that makes the mountain less daunting.

Yes, the mountain may involve some side steps and rest points, but progress isn’t linear.


Because I chose to take action, I am now looking forward to getting back onto my mountain and I won’t be starting at the base again.


Applying a complete overhaul and too many restrictions rarely works, as it is unsustainable.

If you need help designing a path that will breed motivation and make taking action easier, get in touch; my approach shifts mindset away from restriction and towards inclusion, after all, you have so much to GAIN.


Clare Power

Nutrition Therapy Coach


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