Virtus Blog #67 – Don’t be shit.

It’s amazing the effect a little adhesive piece of vinyl can have on somebody’s mood and mindset.

A few months ago at our inaugural Burgers and Beers lifting session, a little underground movement started at Virtus. Based upon a simple rule, heavily utilised on the day has become a little mantra for a small chunk of the Virtus Family.

‘Don’t be shit’ grew out of ‘Be Less Shit’ which stemmed from ‘Be Better’, which was drawn from ‘ Be Excellent’

A simple, daily reminder to be the best version of yourself.

If you were not there, here is a four step road map for ‘being less shit’

  1. Show up.

  2. Do the work.

  3. Don’t complain.

  4. Contribute where you can.

Somedays, all we need is a simple reminder.

The first 50 stickers went quicker than I had anticipated, if demanded, more will follow.


IMG 0817

Photo: Courtesy of the superstar Michelle Willis