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Virtus Daily Blog #48 – Go on, make someone’s day

The jury of course is still out on how much one can affect another humans day. Can it be made in a moment? An hour? An afternoon? Is one simple act enough to change someone’s whole day?

Well, it depends. On the act, on the person, on their/your current state of mind.

We have the ability to make a difference in this world, what we tend to forget is that it does not always have to be on a massive scale. Every interaction we have with both ourselves and others is an opportunity to move the needle. It is our choice if we move it

This is a reminder of the power of a moment. A thought. Or an action. Geared towards positivity, empowerment, and making someone’s bloody day.

Your task for today, if you choose to accept it.

Go out of your way to make an impact on someone’s life.

Do a thing that is selfless in nature, designed to improve another humans Wednesday.

My guess is that you’ll feel pretty good about it too. One of those win-win situations that the world needs.

Be amazing.


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