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Virtus Daily Blog #57 – Your best resource

Over the last 10 years as an ‘Adult’ (I use that word lightly) I’ve accumulated a significant amount of resources.

4 Years at University, 1 Year at tafe, 6 years teaching various short courses and seminars, 9 years Coaching, more weekend seminars and workshops than I can count, I’ve read a few hundred books, 6 years at one of the most powerful football clubs in the country, I’ve paid many thousands for business development and personal development coaching, and have tried and failed more times than I can count.

All of the above are effectively worthless, except for the experience and education I’ve received through doing and experiencing them. I’ve learnt and continue to refine my ability to think critically, to be able to hold conflicting ideas in my head simultaneously and see the truth in both. The majority of my learning has occurred through trial and error. Taking ideas and applying them (sometimes poorly) to see how I can move forward.

Everything I’ve learnt has come from a deep seated curiosity. A curiosity which can be simplified with the question: How can I be better? I’m not sure where that curiosity has come from. Whether it be my magnificence as a free thinking human, determinism or just randomness, i’ll roll with it regardless.

My curiosity, and asking that question, helps me to evolve. That evolution, as mentioned above, has led me to accumulate a significant amount of resources over the years.

We are fortunate enough to have a growing education program at Virtus. Young coaches, practitioners, students and just regular humans who come to us to ask the same question. How can I be better?

One of the questions which comes up weekly are along the lines of resources. What did you use to…. How did you learn the information about ….. Where did you get ….. etc etc

The majority of these questions are subjective, they are fluid and they are hard to answer explicitly in one direction because we are all looking at the same problems, failures, and triumphs slightly differently.

Your best resource, before all others, is your resourcefulness.

Your ability to use the tools and people at hand to give you the desired answer or result, will either serve you or ruin you as a coach, human or business owner.

I hope that by now you have realised this. But there is no ‘Magic Pill’ or Tip, or trick or Secret that will give you what you need. Adaptive problems require an adaptive solution. Your resourcefulness will be your shining light in asking the right person, doing the right course, or asking better questions of yourself.

Oh, and always remember, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

IMG 8287