August18 1708

Virtus Daily Blog #71 – Never Again

Hands up if you’ve woken up on a Sunday morning, a little worse for ware and uttered the words ‘Never Again’

???? ???? ???? ???? ????

I’d bet, that you did not follow through with this declaration.

I’d bet that this situation may have been a deja vi scenario. One which you’ve lived on a number of occasions.

When we want to change behaviour, it takes much more than a two word proclamation to do so.

When we want to change behaviour, we can’t rely on our transient feeling to do so.

A change of behaviour takes planning, preparation, resilience, commitment and a will to take the difficult choice, over the easy one.

Most of all, a change in behaviour takes a desire to actually behave differently, so the next time you say ‘never again’ only do so if you if it is what you actually want.

If not, nurse the hangover, refuel, rehydrate and appreciate the shenanigans of the night before.


You are guaranteed a repetition when you hear the declaration “never again”
— Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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1 thought on “Virtus Daily Blog #71 – Never Again”

  1. I fell down stairs once. Split my head open. That was a good moment to say never again. And then a friend fell in love with the expression of my inner child continuing to explore, get up to mischief and buck the trend of slowly slipping away into life. I can stop doing one and continuing doing the other. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and the reminder to always honour the mischief – it’s where discovery is made. The Phys.