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Virtus Daily Blog #76 – Future Proof

We can’t change the past, and we cannot guarantee the future, but we have the power to bend it.

We much more of a capacity to create a world we want to live in than we realise. Society 100 years from now will be born from the decisions we make today. Our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren depend on us for direction our planet is heading.

The difference might be seemingly insignificant, but every piece of rubbish you pick up, every tree you plant, every time you walk instead of drive makes a small unnoticeable difference. The sum of all the parts changes the world

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Last night I wrote in my diary a little summary of happiness – A wonderful intangible thing that is just as powerful whether you keep it for yourself or give it to someone else. Planting a tree is giving it to someone else you’ll never meet. There is something hauntingly beautiful about that.

I heard this morning that scientists have successfully created an artificial hear that in 20 years may be able

Plant the tree, you may even be able to sit in its shade as an immortal being.


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