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Virtus Daily Blog #93 – What is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Just for a moment I’d like you to pretend your body is a race car.

A finely tuned machine honed for performance.

Now, I can bet that (for most of us) the car you have at home is not a finely tuned race car.

It’s probably a run of the mill, A to B machine.

Now, how often do you service this car? How often do you have a full systems check?

Every 3 months? Every 10,000 kilometres?

Regardless of the frequency, I’d like to think that you do it often, multiple times a year.

My question to you is this. How often do you look after your body and movement?

Yearly? Not at all?

If you answered, never, then we have a problem.

Much like a car, our bodies have handbrakes, flat tyres, and oil leaks.

It makes sense to identify and fix these issues.

Cue the FMS.

The Functional Movement Screen, is process which allows a coach or practitioner to objectively and critically analyse your movement competency.

7 Movements.

Scored in a way which determines your ability to produce, control and express movement.

Safely and efficiently.

If there is an issue, with your mobility, motor control, or stability, we identify the issue, and take steps to improve and overcome.

Take your handbrake off, pump your tires, fix the oil leak.

Move well and move often.


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