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Virtus Family Member Spotlight – Rhys Baillie

We want to celebrate the little wins. Our member spotlight will celebrate the success and progress of one superstar from the Virtus Family each month. Fortunately, this month we have two humans who have been doing wonderful things inside and outside the gym. First up, Rhys.


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Hello, my birth name is Rhys Baillie but I also go by: Bone Machine, Bone Daddy, Butters, Cups, The Butter-man, 2001 BP Oil Spill & so on….

First of all, congratulations, bravo, any words for the camera?


What do you enjoy most about your training? *

Simple… Justin Hanna. Now apart from the obvious I would say that I am a gumby and uncoordinated at most things that I do in my life, however since training I have learnt that I am not bad at everything and that I am a motivational doer because if I can do something than anyone can. Yes I’m necessary, you’re welcome.

What are the habits that you have adopted that have helped you continue to improve? *

Patience is a virtue. With training there are no shortcuts, the iron never lies, you must have journey before destination, go through a few fives before you get to a ten. The only person accountable for how I am going is me and to remain consistent is key, this is helped with good training partners and coaches which has helped me to keep being the ten that I am.

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What helps keep you on track with your goals? *

What helps me a lot is the time in which I spend stepping away from training, whether it be travelling or last year becoming a mononucleosis survivor (Glandular Fever). This has always given me a good indication of where I was at with my training and also happy with whatever progress was made, so when I do come back I know where I can be and also knowing I will be able to get back to that point faster each time around.

What is one thing you have learnt since joining Virtus that has changed your life? *

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Glutes on, back tight, you know the drill!! After dealing with back pain for a big part of my time on flat earth, I have now been equipped with the knowledge to protect my back and get in better positions to not put myself at risk or grave danger. With this I will be able to take these methods to my last days and hopefully be pain free.

What was your first impression of Virtus Performance? *

My first impression is very different to most others that go here, I started out training in a shed in Lachlan’s backyard, so if anything I was one of the first to see an idea grow. I got lucky that Paul Wintle had told me about Virtus as I had asked him to suggest me someone that could help me with injuries that I had sustained from snowboarding over the years. I also learnt back then that training didn’t have to be a chore, that it could be fun and enjoyable so I have Lachlan, Paul & Jesse Coghlan to thank for that.

What are you most excited about achieving in the next few months? *

Being the best Bone Machine that I can be, because you never know when a European summer is going to start calling out your name or flailing around on a stage with a microphone. Jah Bless

What advice would you have for someone thinking of joining the Virtus Family? *

I am by no means a Jock, Captain of the high school football team or Prom Queen… but simply a delicate wallflower. I have always had a certain idea of what I thought a gym was, but this place erases any of those negative thoughts that I once had. There is no ‘Bro Culture’ or mirrors for people to stare through their own transparency, just a group of people all there for similar reasons of getting fit, healthy and correcting any injuries or niggles that they may have.

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Any extra comments/jokes/memes or quotes?

At the end of the day we are all just a number, a collection of data and statistics. Life is the longest thing as humans that we will ever do, so you may as well enjoy where your number will end up because you can only contribute to whichever column once. So within reason don’t endure the shitty job or comfortable relationship (Find someone that appreciates your flaws or you will find that they were never flaws at all). I understand that we are not all dealt with the same hand, but its not about where you start…. but where you finish and for me I like to finish on top. So from the one, the only & never a phony Bone Machine Official. Thank you for gifting me with your time.

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