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Virtus Reopening Update

We’re 5 days away from being back in the gym. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Once again, the team and I are so grateful to our whole community for getting behind us over the last few months. We’re pumped that we were still able to provide you all with programming, equipment and support, even though we weren’t in the same room. We appreciate you.

This email should answer any questions you may have in the lead up to getting started again.

If you have more questions or want to have a chat, feel free to give me a call: 0478802989
(note: If anyone pranks me, you owe me 100 push-ups).

Membership Prices

**All memberships for existing members will be set up in the next 24 hours and will be billed tomorrow night. If you haven’t heard from a coach, reach out to me.

VGT, Unlimited = $60 per week
VAD, Unlimited = $90 per week
Online = $30 per week

We do have additional options for VGT and VAD depending on how often you’d like to train.

We are also going to continue offering online coaching and programming. Whether you would simply like access to a VGT program to do at home or would like tailored programming, we got you.

To chat about any of these options, send me an email.


The Onboarding process is the first step to starting at Virtus. As we reopen, we are offering discounted onboarding for any new or returning members. Usually priced at $250, we are discounting the process to $150.

Watch this video describing your 3 one-to-one sessions.

For existing members, you have the option of booking in for a free 30min check-in with a coach. This can be tailored to include whatever you would like: FMS (movement screen), goal setting, holistic wellness screen, etc.
To book in your first session back, click the link below and fill out some details!


Major things to note when you are planning on coming in to train:

  • Classes/ sessions are capped at 10 athletes. That means:

    • VGT classes capped at 10

    • 10 athletes per hour for VAD

  • Please book in. If you don’t book in, you won’t be able to train. This applies to all members. P.S. the best app to book in is Wodify Athlete.

  • Bring your own towel and water bottle to your sessions.

  • Members do not need to wear masks while you train. However, we do ask that you arrive and leave the gym wearing a mask.

  • We have spray bottles with sanitiser and cloths for you to take around the gym with you. Anything that you use, please wipe down.

  • If you feel at all unwell, please stay home. Let one of the coaches know so that we can check in on you. If you would like training to complete at home, simply message your coach.


I sent out a similar email in June when we went back for 2 weeks (doesn’t count). I wrote the below passage and I want to repeat it:

“The team and I are all ultra excited to welcome everyone back into Virtus HQ. It’s been a challenging few months, but I am more confident than ever that our community is pretty special. I’m proud of the support and kindness you’ve all shown each other.

Lastly, be kind to yourself as we get back into the swing of things. For many (myself included), our fitness isn’t where it was 3 months ago. So give yourself the time and space to get back to where you were.

Trust the process, keep showing up, smile and have fun. Because if it’s not fun, what’s the point?”

I stand by it. #WeLoveTheVirtusFamily

Simon ✊????