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Virtus daily blog #73 – Noise

I want you to close one eye and look at your nose.

Now open that eye and attempt to look at it using your entire field of vision.

Our brain chooses to ignore your nose even though it’s always visible in your line of sight. It does so to filter out unnecessary information.

We do this unconsciously thousands of times per day, filtering out superfluous details to ensure our attention can be focused on the necessary information we are presented with.

Consciously, we don’t do so well, we fill our thoughts and worries with many things which don’t necessarily add any value. Leading to overwhelm, anxiousness and frustration.

Control is limited and our intent should be in that which is within our locus of control, not that which exceeds it.

Your attention is limited. Let noise be noise, and focus on that which deserves your attention and adds value to your life.


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