Weekly Correspondence – Monday 7th September


Happy Monday all,

Let’s kick this off by addressing the elephant in the room…

Due to the announcements from the Premier yesterday, it looks as though the gym won’t open again until late November (at the earliest). As always, our decisions will be guided by the relevant health professionals and policies in place. Whilst it’s disappointing news and we’d love to see you all in person soon, it’s not unexpected.

What we’re not going to do is sit on our hands until we get the all-clear.

The good news is that the Virtus Team is working hard to ensure that you have the support and systems to continue achieving what you want to in 2020.

We’re pumped to be making some changes to how we operate and support our community. We’re in the process of rolling out a new model that is designed to empower you and keep you moving forward.

Stay tuned for a few announcements over the next couple of weeks 

For now, my advice to you is this:
Identify the things within your control, and focus on them.


Virtus Updates:

The latest Virtus news: What we’re up to, how you can get involved and community events.

Week 3 of the Winter Olympics
The focus for this week is on Mental Health. This is especially relevant now and is a topic that is close to many of us. With all the news coming out over the weekend, please make sure you take some space for yourself if you need it this week. Recharge, generate some energy and surround yourself with positivity.

If you need someone to talk to, myself and the Virtus Team are here for you If you’d like to talk to someone else, here are a few numbers you can call:

Lifeline on 13 11 14

Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800

MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978

Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467

Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36

Headspace on 1800 650 890

NOTE: If you need a reminder of what the Winter Olympics is, check out this blog post. If you’d like to join us, it’s not too late. Send me an email with “CRACKERJACK” and I’ll get you rolling. 


Live Recording of the Virtus Podcast ️
A special event for Week Three of the Winter Olympics!

We will be recording a live podcast and you’re invited. Join us on Zoom as Lach and I talk about Episode 7 of the pod.

We’ll then open up the mic, and you can feature on the Virtus Podcast. We’ll run a 20 minute Q&A / discussion based on the things you’d like to talk about.

This will be super fun and I’m excited to get you guys on the air with us! 

Register your attendance here (you’ll need to be a part of the Virtus Family FB page – just email me to add you in)

‘A Day in the Iso Life’ 
This Thursday, Coach Jas is taking over the Virtus Instagram page.

Tune in to see what she gets up on an average day for a Performance Coach/ Masters student/ Puppy Mama/ Barbell Lifter/ Smoothie-maker extraordinaire!

Virtus Performance IG
Coach Jas IG


2 Pieces of Content:

A few pieces of content for your week: Some are freshly created and a few from the archives.


1/ Episode 6 of the Virtus Podcast is live. ️

Mental Health.

Apparently I say this every week, but I think this is one of our best episodes. I’m pretty proud of it and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s the link to listen on iTunes and Podbean
If you’d rather watch it, check it out on YouTube.

2/ Want to Reduce Your 3km Time?

Now is the perfect time to focus on the things that we’re bad at. For many of us, it’s running. Plus, we get to spend more time outside in the sun.

If you want to tap into your inner running machine, check out this post. Coach Rowe and the Phys developed a running program that will improve your relationship with running.

Read more here.
If you want to join in on the action, contact Coach here.


Wisdom to Ponder:

Something to think about: Write it down, come back to it, act upon it.

A proverb on the importance of asking questions:
“The person who asks is a fool for five minutes, but the person who does not ask remains a fool forever.”


Remember: Look after your mates, keep checking in with one another, get outside for fresh air when you can, hydrate, move, eat well, smile, don’t be tough on yourself and always choose kindness.