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Welcome Jazz!

Some of you may have met Jazz Speight! If you haven’t, make it happen! Your life will be richer for it.

Please give an official Virtus Family welcome to our newest coach!

Jazz has spent the last few months doing an intensive internship and has done a brilliant job getting to know some of you already. She aligns wonderfully with our ethos and values and I can’t wait to see her grow and develop alongside our members!

Jazz kicks off her first shift on Wednesday, get around her, show her some love.

Here’s a little bit about Jazz in her own words


Hey everyone, my name is Jazz, and I’m a new coach at Virtus!

I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach and soon to be Exercise Physiologist (Almost like a physio but not quite)

I have a special interest for the sport/injury rehabilitation process and training Females/Female Athletes and Pregnant and Postpartum women. My biggest passion is to be a role model for all females and provide quality information and training advice to help them become the very best version of themselves no matter their goal.

When I’m not working or studying you can find me reading, training, or playing with my 2 dogs Henry and Theodore who will hopefully (when they become more well behaved) one day make an appearance at the gym.

What drew me to Virtus were the people, culture, and values! I knew Virtus is a place that not only cares about the progress you’re all making inside the gym but also outside the gym; all of which align with my values too as a person and coach! No matter the career I chose I wanted to work alongside like-minded people that want to get better every day which is why I reached out!

Kindness is a superpower; it’s free and we never know what others are going through. I believe it’s contagious and you can make someone’s day with a small act. I also believe that how we act at work and outside work should align.

Understanding what our values are and doing our very best to live up to them in everything we do is key to building meaningful relationships with those around us.

You can expect me to always have your best interest at heart so we can get the best out of you!

Also, if you have had any kind of injury, I’ll ask you lots of questions I’ll be very curious!

I’m very excited to get started, I’ll see those who are training Wednesday morning for my first shift!

Get around this wonderful human! As you can see, Banksy loves her, and banksy is an exemplary judge of character!