What do we do when the power goes out?


A few nights ago, our power went out. The sun had truly set and we were left in pure darkness.

After a quiet chuckle, one stubbed toe and a check of the fuse box, we realised there was nothing we could immediately do to remedy the situation and the best we could do was to simply ride it out.

The decision was made to bust out a board game (Ticket to ride) and a couple of candles to light our way across the board. I grabbed a candle and a match and put it in the middle of the table, barely casting enough light to even begin seeing the little trains we needed to play with.

By this time, the match was out and we used candle number 1 to light a few more candles and soon enough the little flames were flickering and dancing their way across the board well enough to see everything we had to.

Throughout the game, candle number 1 stayed strong, providing us with the light it produced, with plenty of help from his friends.

A candle loses nothing lighting another ????️

The same goes for the momentum you give to others. If you continue to give, you will continue to have. It may even provide the much-needed nudge and drive to continue with that which you said you would do. Never underestimate the power of your flame, even when you feel it’s about to flicker out.

Be the candle ????️