tier 2 packages


world class programs delivered by our performance coaches

Our Tier 2 Packages are designed to give your athletes a chance to grow and improve outside of their sport, under the guidance of Virtus Performance Coaches.

We want to help you prepare to perform in and out of season to create stronger, faster, more resilient athletes, following a program is one thing, but doing so with the expertise of a coach is a whole other level of professionalism.

Our coaches will help lead your athletes through an educational journey towards performance both on field, and off field in every area of their life. An athlete who understands their body intimately knows how to protect, correct and develop to build their capacity to be the best at what they do.

These programs can be delivered both in house at Virtus Performance or off site at your clubs facilities.

Contact us today to discuss the different options, time frames & offerings of our Tier 2 packages!