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Virtus Group Training

Our Group Training is a structured Semi-Private S&C program led by our Performance Coaches. Designed with two things in mind: Your goals, and the incredible community that can help you achieve them. Programmed in monthly blocks, the training is designed to help you move well, move often and build capacity. But most of all, get the most out of your time in the gym & enjoy every session.


Virtus Athletic Development

Our Virtus Athletic Development program is designed to give individual and team sport athletes a chance to grow and improve outside of their sport. We want to help you prepare to perform in and out of season to create a stronger, faster, more resilient athlete. An athlete who understands their body intimately knows how to protect, correct and develop to build their capacity to be the best at what they do. VAD is beneficial to anyone wanting their own programming and expert coaching under the guidance of our team of performance coaches.


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